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Welcome to CYC′s home on the web!

Welcome to the Official Website of the O'Neill's Continental Youth Championships!!!

Welcome to the Official Site of the CYC Competition. The CYC is a Gaelic Games  Tournament that takes place on an annual basis in the United States and is the biggest tournament of Gaelic Sports Outside of Ireland! 

Each year up to 2,500 children aged U6 to U18 participate in the Tournament with Hundreds of Games organized over the course of the 4 Day Tournament. 

This website is the Official Source for Registration, Schedules, Contacts, Host City Information and all other matters related to the Tournament.


The 2018 CYC will take place on the 1,2,3,4,5 of August at the Irish Cultural Center at Canton Massachussetts at 200 New Boston Dr, Canton, MA 02021

If you have any queries regarding the tournament please contact secretary.cyc.usa@gaa.ie

Yours in Sport,

Simon Gillespie
CYC Steering Committee 
 (914) 5738761

O'Neills 2018 CYC Gear Special

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by posted 08/08/2018
Last bus from ICC is at 7pm

Last bus to hotels is at 7pm thank you 

by posted 08/05/2018
Missing Camera

We are missing a Nikon camera bag with a Nikon canera lens, Sony video camera and a Bank of  Ameria Credit Card for Sarah Cronin.  If you have seen any of these items, please return them to the registration tent.  thank  you.

by posted 08/05/2018
Parking - Important


by posted 08/05/2018
No U6 Games Today

No U6 games today.   If a U6 did not get a medal please stop by the Registration Tent.   Thank you

by posted 08/05/2018

Mass will be held at 8am tomorrow at the Irish Cultural Centre tent 


by posted 08/04/2018
Buses tonight

Last buses leaving ICC are at 10pm.  There will be nothing later.  Thanks


by posted 08/04/2018
Trophies & Medals

Presentations will know take place at the stage next to the Registration Tent.



by posted 08/04/2018
Camogie Development Meeting

There will be a Camogie Development Meeting with Kathleen Woods on Sunday, Aug. 5 at 12pm in the Irish Cultural Centre.    We are requesting, if interested, a representative from each club to attend.  Space is limited to one representative from each club

by posted 08/04/2018
Presentation of awards

Presentation of trophies, shields and medals will take place in the Main Tent at the Irish Cultural Centre not the Registration Tent.   All teams should go to the tent right after championship game ends.  Thank you

by posted 08/04/2018
Games will resume at 1:30pm

All games will resume at 1:30pm.  Follow the schedule starting from 11:30 am and all games for Friday will be played based on a 2 hour delay.   Thank you for your cooperation.



by posted 08/04/2018
Suspension of games today

Per the Canton Fire Marshall we will be suspending all games at 11:30 am until further notice.  All players, coaches and parents must clear the fields.  No one is allowed to stay in pop-up tents.   You can either go to the ICC main building or tent.  We will update you later when we receive comunication from Fire Marshall.

by posted 08/04/2018
No games are canceled.

Al games are still scheduled for today until you hear otherwise.  Thank you.

by posted 08/04/2018
Umpires and Linesmen -Important

All clubs must leave linesman and umpires for all games even if there is a gap in the schedule.  You must check in with the field marshall prior to departing the field to confirm your people for the next game.   All teams are liable and will be fined $500 if they do not return.   Thank you

by posted 08/04/2018
Trash Pick Up

We are asking for all clubs to be clean up their tents.  Many clubs are leaving trash on the ground, tables, etc  and not cleaning their areas.  If you need trash bags see a field marshall or Boston CYC Volunteer.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.



by posted 08/04/2018
Officials & Linesman

All teams are reminder to supply umpires & linesman at the conclusion of their game for the next match.

The following clubs didnot comply and per the CYC Rules will be fined $500:

Thursday, 8/2

Shannon Gaels - Game 296

ISYL - Game 177

Friday, 8/3

Delco Gaels - Game 289

Rockland - Gme 456

NY St Brendans - Gme 456


If you feel any of these games are incorrect please address this issue at the main tent.  Thank you.

by posted 08/03/2018
Heat Guidelines In Effect -8/3

Per the CYC Charter Heat Regulations all U-12 to U-18 games will have a designated water break after 10 minutes.

This will be part of the playing time. Water break to take a maximum of 2 minutes before play resumes and should take place during stoppages in play.

This will remain in effect for all remaining games today.

by posted 08/03/2018
No Parking at Gunning Field Allowed

There is no parking at Gunning Field or in the condo complex.  Cars will be towed.  No exceptions.  You  must park in the CYC parking lots only.

by posted 08/03/2018
Scores of games

Coaches please check scores on main schedule to confirm  your standings.   If there are any issues or concerns, please bring them to the attention of Steering Committee in the Main Tent immediately.

by posted 08/03/2018
Music at the ICC

by posted 08/02/2018
Player Welfare

Just a reminder to please feed and hydrate your children during this extreme heat conditions.   We had many children today have issues with heat.  Thank you.


by posted 08/02/2018
Admission Fee - $10

There will be an admission fee on both Friday and Saturday of $10 per adult, children under the age of 18 will not be charged. This fee will help offset some of the overhead charges we have incurred in producing this event.   Thank you for your support.


by posted 08/02/2018
Tie Breakers Rules

Reminder - New Tie Breaker Rules came into effect this year.   These are listed in the 2018 CYC Rules & Reg



A.    Where teams (having won all their games) from the same group are level on points after the end of group stages, a coin toss will determine the seeding for the teams if all other efforts as listed below have been exhausted. A coin toss will not cause a team to exit the tournament.

B.    Where teams are equal on the same number of points the following criteria for determining playoff seeding will apply.

C.  List of Tiebreaker Permutation deciders

1. Head to head

2. Whoever beats the highest seeded team

3. Whatever team has conceded the least total (goals and Points included)


by posted 08/02/2018
Officials & Linesman

All teams are reminder to supply umpires & linesman at the conclusion of their game for the next match.

The following clubs didnot comply yesterday and per the CYC Rules will be fined $500:

San Fran - Game 130

San Fran  - Game 137

Trinity White - Game 17

Glenside - Game 86

Delco Gaels - Game 110

NY St. Brendans - Game 143

Chicago - Game 125

If you feel any of these games are incorrect please address this issue at the main tent.  Thank you.


by posted 08/02/2018
No Drinking on Fields or in the Stands

No alcohol is allowed in the stands or on the fields.   Only on the ICC Patio.    If  any coach is caught with alcohol anywhere except the main building or patio may have their wristband removed for the weekend.   Thank you

by posted 08/01/2018
Irish Cultural Centre Main Building

No Children are allowed in the upstairs rooms at the ICC.    Please relay this message to all your players and parents.  Thank you for your cooperation.

by posted 08/01/2018
Satellite Parking

Parking is at 275 Dan Road, Canton MA 02021

You can get shuttle bus to main fields from this parking lot.    

Please make sure you give yourself enough time in the morning with traffic to get to the fields on time.


by posted 07/31/2018
Photos from Past CYC's!!!!

Program cover from the first ever CYC @ SUNY Purchase
Hello All,

We are looking for any old photos or videos you may have from past CYC's ... Please email them to  if you have any 

Many thanks 
by posted 02/22/2013
New Facebook Page

Our new Facebook Site is up and running check us out on 

posted 02/22/2013
CYC is now on Twitter!!!!

The Continental Youth Championships is now on Twitter ... You can begin following us @CYCGAA

During the tournament we hope to post Results and pictures up to the site using the Twitter Site ..

If you have any Pictures or favorite CYC memories you'd like to share with us tweet them to @CYCGAA !!!

Click the link to begin Following the CYC !!!

posted 02/06/2013
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